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February 07, 2008


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Atomic Bombshell

Got some white Hudz a few weeks ago for Campy Record in white. Installation was simple. Takes a little while to get used to the lack of texture (feels different) but I guess if you wear gloves you won't notice much. The product seems to be well-made and I have no complaints so far.

Ghost Rider

I wish Hudz would consider making replacement hoods for the Cane Creek/Tektro R200 levers that are so popular with non-Ergo/STI fans out there. That would be a great splash of color for us singlespeeders and downtube shifter dorks!



cool-looking colored brake hoods...

On a somewhat related topic: does anyone here know if these shimano shifters have smaller brake hoods than standard. my wife has really small hands and her problem is that the brake hoods on her shifters are too thick for her to get a good safe grip on the brakes when on the hoods...

Can anyone recommend a set of shifters/brakes taht are good for this?


Have her try some SRAM levers--you'll have to swap out her derailleurs at the same time (but not crank or cassette), but they're AWESOME for small hands--extremely comfortable.

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