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February 20, 2008


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I'd like to order a florar pannier; how much are thye and how do I do that please?


You can drop an email to service@wheelgirl.com to let us know which pattern and model of pannier you would like to order. (We take PayPal.) Hope that helps. Thanks!


What type (brand, model) of luggage carrier did you use or recommend with the Basil pannier bags?

I used a rack that didn't provide support on all sides of the bag and it got caught in my rear wheel spokes; it was solidly attached to the rack but on an incline my load of grapes moved back in the bag . . . sad but fixable.

Any recommendations?

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It did get me thinking about crochet garments though, and how I'd love to make something wearable one day. But it's a risky business, making crochet clothing. I'm aware that there's a veeeeeeeery fine line between stylish and naff, between nasty and nice, and I'm not sure I'm quite subtle enough to sit on the right side of that fine line.

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