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December 12, 2007


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» Solar LED Christmas lights from MAKE: Blog
Wheelgirl writes - It is getting dark at 5:00 pm, and I have a bike shop signs that needs to be lighted at night during the winter holiday shopping season. So I repositioned a solar garden light ($5) in... [Read More]



Love this project - thanks for sharing. Perfect for us girls who are handy with both a wrench and a soldering gun!

Happy Holidays!

Rann Fox

Hi there,
Nice thinking behind your project! Got a few thoughts for ya. Have you seen the Joule thief? That is basicly what those solar lights are. Ok that was thought 1 If you take the solar panels outta 4 lights they will fit in a cd case if you take the hub piece out, seal with rtv and wire the cells in paralelle (sp) that will charge your batterys quite a bit faster. Got one hooked up on the side of my house wired in series to charge some of my stuff.
If any of this does not make any sense please drop me a email

dan the noob

nice article thanks for posting.
I'm a noob and really enjoyed it.


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Ace Lamps

Very nice little project, saves your energy bills and save you the effort of having to sort out wiring!


Nice little project, I'll have to play around with this this winter. Christmas lights are nice but can end up using quite a bit of energy. Also it can get annoying when you want to put them on a tree far from your house and need to use an extension cord.

Thanks for the how to!

Bycycle Trailers

Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.


nice little trick) thank you!

Roxie Covelli

That looks great. Thank you for putting your efforts on giving us a great tutorial. Totally paid off since it was easy to follow and the images helped out really well. What camera did you use by the way? Looks good. I've been a fan of using solar cell power and it's great to know a lot of people are using it nowadays. :)

led lighting

like fireflies .really beautiful lights.
more solar led lights check here :

Ethan Adams

Wow! Its really impressive that you made this lights all by yourself

I've also heard that the solar powered christmas lights tech is developing nicely on some countries hehehe :D

Hope to hear more of your DIY's Ciao!

BTW check out this site it might help you guys to learn a few stuff about solar tech



Led Bicycle Lights

Make the light string longer, you can cut off the very last light on the end of the IKEA lights and solder another string of IKEA Glansa LEDs to it.


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Bike Led Lights

what I was expecting I will give it !

Led Christmas Lights

Thanks for sharing your project! I'm glad you've chosen to use led Christmas lights. LEDs are considered to be extremely tolerant to cold, heat and shock.

Victor Wetherbee

Great thinking! I think by now, this blog entry of yours has been, and is still a great help to a lot of people. Great work in mixing the aesthetics with the economical.

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Natalia Muntean

Solar LED best way to save energy

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Es bueno estar visitando su blog de nuevo, se ha pasado meses para mí. Bueno este artículo que he estado esperando durante tanto tiempo.

laser pointer

wow.I am just drunk with beautiful led light on Christmas Day.

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