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December 11, 2007


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I had a set of CZARs on my roadbike, purchased from CST EBAY dealer. I ride +/- 275 miles p/wk. in Albuquerque. I ride KHS Ultegra equipped steel frame w/nice strong ROLF VECTOR wheels. Tires are 23c.

The CZARs were awful in every respect... fell apart @ +/- 2700 miles: tread peeled off. Pictures here (Photobucket):


Very stiff ride, w/none of puncture proof characteristics of other name brand Kevlar tires. I ran SPECIALIZED ARMADILLO for about 1k miles: about same ride as CZARs, ARMADILLOs had much better puncture protection. We have fall "GOATHEAD" throrns here... really puts puncture resistance to the test.

I got about 4500 miles each from 2 sets of inexpensive MAXXIS XEPHYRs. They ran pretty smooth, hugged road pretty well, held up great. One set of PANARACER STRADIUS: *very* smooth ride, but fell apart less than 2k miles.

Currently running MAXXIS FUSE (about 1k miles): ride/traction similar to XEPHYR, no signs of any wear or failure as yet. Whether these are simply MAXXIS branded CSTs, or manufactured by CST to a MAXXIS spec... I don't know. However, MAXXIS responded to my emails w/very specific details I wanted in order to decide if tires were worth their salt.

I'm very happy w/MAXXIS. I would never by CZARs again... junk AFAIC.

Problem w/CST branded tires: none of important tech specs are available... for CZARs or any of their remaining line. They're all advertised as "Low Rolling
Resistance", "All weather compound", "ISO", etc. etc... every single model has the same description.

I want to see lining/layer density and material, compounds and all that. That I've found CST doesn't make this available publicly.


I have to disagree with the other person who commented.

I think the CST Czars amazing.

Do they perform like top-of-the-line racing tires? Uh, no.

Are you able to pick these tires up for like $10-13? Yes!

I mean, you have to remember what you're buying. That's like saying a Hyundai is worthless because it broke down during the Indy 500. Not really what it's built for.

The Czars are awesome for riding around the city.

Just my 2 cents.


Maxxis tires are made by Cheng Shin Tire, aka CST.

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